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1 e-conference on Indian Seismic Codes
January 26 - February 8, 2002
2 e-conference on Professional Issues in Structural Engineering in
August 26 - 31, 2002
3 e-conference on Licensing Issues,March 24-28, 2003 [organised by Structural Engineers Forum of India (SEFI)]
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Name   e-conference on Professional Issues in Structural Engineering in India
Period   August 26 - 31, 2002

e-conference on Professional Issues in Structural Engineering in India,
26-31August 2002
hosted by
National Information Centre of Earthquake Engineering (NICEE) at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

The huge number of modern reinforced concrete multistorey buildings that collapsed in Ahmedabad during the Bhuj earthquake of January 2001 clearly indicate a systems failure with regard to the practice of structural engineering in India. What was known to most of
the Civil Engineering professionals, became obvious to every concerned citizen: something is not right with the way structural engineering is
being practised in our country. For instance, (a) there are no formal licensing systems based on expertise, (b) there is no formal regulating
structure within the structural engineering community (in line with that for other professions such as architects and doctors) nor one by the
governing authorities, and (c) the concept of professional liability is not yet evolved.  

The National Information Centre of Earthquake Engineering (NICEE) at IIT Kanpur will conduct a one-week e-conference on
"Professional Issues in Structural Engineering in India". All interested professionals are welcome to attend and brainstorm on these and related
issues. There is no participation fee. One only needs to have an email connection to be able to participate in the e-conference. An earlier e-conference by NICEE on "Indian Seismic Codes" during January 26- February 8, 2002 was a huge success. About 1,200 persons took part in the conference; about 220 persons added subscription during the two weeks of conference showing its popularity. About 300 postings by about 100 persons from 30 cities in India, USA, UK, New Zealand, Canada, Italy, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Cyprus were made.

Detailed proceedings of the e-conference are available at

A summary of the conference has also been published in The Indian Concrete Journal (June 2002). 
The conference will be moderated by Professor Sudhir K Jain of IIT Kanpur and Ms. Alpa R. Sheth of Vakil Mehta Sheth Consulting Engineers, Mumbai. Those interested in participating in the e-Conference may register themselves at the NICEE web site ( Those already registered on NICEE need not register again. Organizations interested in
sponsoring the event may contact Professor Sudhir K Jain (, Phone 0512-2597867)

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