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Institutional Members

As on date, the following organizations have become Institutional Members:

About Institutional Membership:

  • Institutional Membership of NICEE enables organizations and companies to contribute on a yearly basis towards the agenda of seismic safety in a systematic manner, and to support various capacity building activities of NICEE. It will also enable NICEE to better recognize its large supporters and contributors.
  • NICEE offers three levels of Institutional Memberships:
    • Platinum Subscribing Members (Rs. 4 lakh/year and up; US$ 10,000 per year)
    • Gold Subscribing Members (Rs. 1 lakh/year and up; US$ 2,500 per year)
    • Silver Subscribing Members (Rs. 25 thousand/year and up; US$ 550 per year)
  • The contributions of Institutional Members will be recognized during year of membership as follows:
    • Free New NICEE Publications: NICEE will send upto 5 copies of all its new publications, free of cost, to the Members.
    • Free Copies of Periodical: NICEE will send upto 5 copies  to Silver, upto 10 copies to Gold and up to 25 copies to Platinum Subscribing Members of its periodical EarthquakeEngineering Practice for free distribution, as deemed fit by the members.
    • Discount on Publications: Should the Members wish to make bulk purchase of NICEE publications for distribution to their faculty/ employees/ students, the samewill be made available at 40% discount over the list price.
    • Book Loan Scheme: NICEE will loan (subject to availability) books and other publications from its library to the Members upto 2 books at a given point of time can be loaned to a Member. It will also extend reasonable amount of help to the Members in procuring any specific publications on earthquake engineering.
    • Announcement to NICEE Members: Members may release periodical announcements (upto 2 times a year) through NICEE on its mailing list (currently, about 10,500 subscribers). This may include job vacancies, new developments, services and products, etc.
    • Presence at NICEE Website: NICEE will recognize the Members through a page on its website and provide a link to the member’s website, if so deemed by the member.
  • The Institutional Members will be managed as per calender year, with subscriptions/donations becoming due the previous calender year. For instance, those who will contribute up to December 2011 will be Institutional Members for the year 2012.
  • The Institutional Members may express their preference if their contribution should go into the general corpus of NICEE or be utilized for the current expenditure. In case of latter, they may indicate their preference towards specific current activities of NICEE that should be supported through their contribution and the activity per se may additionally acknowledge the Institutional Members as the supporter/sponsor of that activity. For instance, currently NICEE is acknowledging financial support for the periodical Earthquake Engineering Practice from donors/members contributing more than Rs 2 lakh/year (US$ 5000 per year)

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