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IITGN-World Bank Project on Seismic Codes
Proposed Modifications and Commentary to IS 1893:2016 and IS 13920:2016


The World Bank sponsored a Project on Improving Seismic Resilience of Built Environment in India at the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar. One of the objective of the project was to review the latest 2016 version of Indian seismic codes, IS 1893 (Part 1) and IS 13920 and propose modifications along with commentary. Explanatory examples are also prepared to illustrate various provisions. Some of the commentary contents in these documents have been taken from IITK-GSDMA documents(

These documents are made available through NICEE so that concerned design professionals can review and contribute towards continuous improvement of seismic codes and their better implementation in design and construction practice.

The various resources available include:
I) Indian Seismic Code IS 1893 (Part 1): 2016
II) Indian Seismic Code IS 13920: 2016

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