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1995 Hyogoken Nanbu EarthquakeTakashi JimaPublic Works Research Insitute, Tokyo, Japan1995
1995 Hyogoken Nanbu EarthquakeJima, TakashiPublic Works Research1995
2000 International Building Code: Structural ProvisionsAn Overview and IBC/UBC/SBC/NBC ComparisonInternational Conference of Building Officials, Calforniac2001
3101. 1 & 2 1995 (NZS) A2 Concrete Structures StandardNew Zealand StandardsNew Zealand Standards, New Zealand1995
3109:1997 (NZS) Concrete ConstructionNew Zealand StandardsNew Zealand Standards, New Zealand1997
3404.1 & 2: 1997 (NZS) Steel Structures Standard 3404.1 & 2: 1997 (NZS) A1 Steel StructuresNew Zealand StandardsNew Zealand Standards, New Zealand1997
4104:1994 (NZS) Seismic Restraint of Building ContentsNew Zealand StandardsNew Zealand Standards, New Zealand1994
4230.1 & 2: 1990 (NZS) Code of Practice for the Design of Masonry Structures 4230.1 & 2:1990 (NZS) A1 and A2New Zealand StandardsNew Zealand Standards, New Zealand1990
A Commentary On The Australian Standard For Wind LoadsHolmes, J.D., Melbourne, W.H.and Walker, G.R.Australian Wind Engineering Society1990
A Computer Program for Inelastic Analysis of 3-Dimenstional Reinforced Concrete and Steel Seismic BuildingsFranklin Y. Cheng and Gregory E. MertzNational Science Foundation, Washington DC, USA
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Title   2000 International Building Code: Structural Provisions
Author   An Overview and IBC/UBC/SBC/NBC Comparison
Publisher   International Conference of Building Officials, Calfornia
Year   c2001
Book No   In8
Clasification   690.24
Accession No   A134100

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