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051_Workshop on SSI for Nuclear Power Plants, 6-8 October 2010, Ottawa, Canada
052_Young Engineers Conference, 4 November 2010, London, UK
053_Call for Papers - ISET Journal of Earthquake Technology
054_ Asian Conference on Ecstasy in Concrete, 5-9 December 2010, Chennai
055_International Conference on Sustainable Built Environments, 12-14 December 2010, Kandy, Sri Lanka
056_Conference on Advances in Materials and Structures, 3-4 February 2011, Puducherry
057_International Conference on Healthy Cities: A Perspective on Asian Concerns, 3-5 February 2011, Pune
058_Four Day Short Course for Engineers on Geotechnical Aspects of Earthquake Engineering, 8-11 March 2011, IIT Gandhinagar, Ahmedabad
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