Guidelines for the Rehabilitation of Existing BuildingsInternational Code Council
Guidelines for the Use of Structural Precast Concrete in BuildingsNew Zealand Concrete Society & New Zealand Society for Earthquake EngineeringCenter for Advanced Engineering, University of Canterbury, Chistchurch, NZ1999
Illustrated 2000 Building Code HandbookPatterson, Terry L.
Illustrated 2000 Building Code HandbookTerry L. Patterson
International Building CodeInternational code councilInternational code council, Leesburg Pike.2000
International Building Code 2000International Code Council, Leesburg Pike, ????????2000
International Building Code 2003International Code Council, Leesburg pike2003
International Existing Building Code 2003International Code Council
International Fire Code 2003Internation Fire CodeInternational Building Council and Internation Fire Council, USA2003
International Residential Code 2003International Resindential CodeInternational Building Council and International Resindential Council, USA2003
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