National Programme on Earthquake Engineering Education
  A Ministry of Human Resource Development (Government of India) Initiative

Executed by the Indian Institutes of Technology
  (Bombay, Delhi, Guwahati, Kanpur, Kharagpur, Madras and Roorkee) and
  Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore)
(A preliminary design program to size lateral load resisting structure in buildings)

RESIST is a computer program that enables designers to determine the numbers and sizes of earthquake and wind load resisting elements in a building. It is developed and modified by Victoria University of Wellington School of Architecture, New Zealand in partnership with the Civil Engineering Department of Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur.Essentially, RESIST undertakes structural analyses using the approach an experienced structural engineer would take for preliminary structural designs. RESIST’s user-friendliness and graphic features makes it very useful and popular among students.

RESIST overcomes the powerlessness that students experience when needing to know how much structure is required to resist lateral loads.The program also enables students to very quickly get a feel for what structure is required in a given building and explore the various factors that affect the size of that structure, such as increased floor weights. Since they can proportion shear walls, moment frames and four different types of cross-braced frames they become familiar with all the principal lateral load resisting systems used world-wide. A huge benefit of the program is that it enables students to quickly explore many different structural solutions before arriving at the one that best integrates with their overall design.

The input required for RESIST is therefore kept to the bare minimum. No calculations are required at all. This deliberate simplification of input does reduce the accuracy of the results somewhat and has limited the maximum height of the buildings analysed to eight storeys. It also means all buildings must be converted to equivalent rectilinear buildings. Students enjoy using the program, especially given its attractive graphics features. No printed manuals are required due its simplicity and the extensive ‘help’ material that includes images of typical structural systems.

The software can be obtained for use in the Indian sub-continent by making a payment of Rs. 2,000/-. The payment can be made through a DD/Cheque drawn in favour of "National Information centre of Earthquake Engineering". If the cheque is not payble at par at Kanpur, please add Rs. 95/- as bank charges. Payment can also be made online at

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