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World Conference on Earthquake Engineering - Online Proceedings

This webpage containing the papers of all seventeen World Conferences on Earthquake Engineering (WCEE) held to date since 1956 has been uploaded by the team of National Information Centre of Earthquake Engineering, IITKanpur [www.nicee.org] Kanpur, India with the kind courtesy of International Association for Earthquake Engineering [www.iaee.or.jp]. The papers were first uploaded in December 2010 when 5,360 papers from the first ten conferences (about 40,000 pages) had to be scanned for their use in the digitized library since their soft copy was not available. Also, for ease of search, the indices were built on following attributes: (a) Title, (b) Author, (c) Keywords, (d) City, (e) Country and (f) Conference Presently, there are more than 21,911 articles uploaded in about 194,000 pages (about 35 GB of Data). As of date about 565,000 papers have been downloaded.