National Information Centre of Earthquake Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
Kanpur 208016


Earthquake Engineering Literature Survey Workshop
Post Graduate Students from Engineering Colleges across India

27 August-05 September 2008, IIT KANPUR


A ten-day Workshop on Earthquake Engineering Literature Survey has been conducted by the National Information Center of Earthquake Engineering (NICEE) at IIT Kanpur during 27 August – 05 September 2008. Fifty Six postgraduate students from 13 different engineering colleges across India participated this year.  This Workshop has been conducted annually since 2002 and is one of the most popular and sought after activity of NICEE.


The participants were encouraged to make use of available literature at NICEE library and the Central Library for doing quality research work. These facilities were made available to the participants till late in the night. The participants were also provided access to the computers and internet for downloading the materials relevant to their thesis work. The participants made full use of these facilities and photocopied an average of 3,100 pages per student. Also the participants downloaded about 21 GB of literature from the net, the average and median being 415 MB and 135 MB, respectively.


During the Workshop the participants also had interaction sessions with Prof Sudhir K. Jain, Prof CVR Murty, Prof Durgesh C. Rai, Prof Amit Prashant, Dr. KK Bajpai and Dr. Rajeev Gupta. During these sessions the participants were given tips on, conducting a meaningful literature survey in the area of their research topic for M.Tech./Ph.D. theses. The participants deliberated at length with PhD scholars of IIT Kanpur Mr. Kaustubh Dasgupta, Mr. Goutam Mondal and Mr. Vaibhav Singhal, regarding their thesis topics.

A visit to various laboratories of Civil Engineering Department and to the National Wind Tunnel Facility was also organised, so that the participants get abreast with the latest available technologies in the country.


About Earthquake Engineering Quiz..


About Structural Engineering Test..

Quiz was conducted by dividing the participants into 8 groups, and the group consisting of Mr. Thite Tanaji  Pandit, Mr. Nitin V. Rao, Mr. Aditya Gupta, Ku. Kavita P. Ganorkar, Mr. Thakkar Ghanshyam M., Mr. Sushobh K., and Mr. Mane Sunil Shamrao emerged as the winners.

Test, conducted on individual basis, tested the understanding of the participants in Structural Engineering. Cash prizes of Rs. 3,000/-, Rs. 2,000/- and Rs. 1,000/- were given to Mr. Suryawanshi Anup Arvind of VNIT Nagpur, Mr. Rajat Kulshereshtha SGSITS, Indore and Mr. Devendra  Chapekar SGSITS, Indore  for standing first, second and third, respectively.



All the participants were advised to submit a copy of their thesis to NICEE on completion of their research work and were told about the Best Thesis Awards for which they will be considered. The theses of the 2004-Workshop participants were evaluated in 2007 and Mr. John K. Abraham of Karunya Institute of Technology, Coimbatore was given the Best Thesis Award while Certificates of Merit awarded to Mr. Yogesh Gopinath Waingankar of VNIT Nagpur and  Mr. Yogesh S. Bamane and Mr. Shriram V. Hazare of PIET Pune.



At the end of the Workshop, the participants felt quite happy with the progress they made during the last 10 days and felt confident about completing a quality thesis work in good time.   

    The Feedback Performa filled by the students on the last day indicated that:

89% of the participants took serious interest in collection of literature during their stay at IIT Kanpur.

The discussion with teachers and research scholars were the most liked events by the participants.

More than 95% of the participants expressed satisfaction over the conduct of the Workshop and felt enthusiastic about

  giving details of the Workshop to their Professors, colleagues and juniors.

The students were paid train fare, and provided lodging and boarding in the student hostels of IIT Kanpur. The workshop was sponsored by Computers and Structures Inc (CSI) Berkeley, Council of Scientific & Industrial Research New Delhi and Poonam & Prabhu Goel Foundation at IIT Kanpur.



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