BIS has released the first revision of IS 13920: 2016 [Ductile Design and detailing of reinforced concrete structures subjected to seismic forces-Code of practice] since it was first published in 1993. Most of the older provisions have been redrafted and modified for greater clarity and new provisions have been added. Much of the this revision is based on the IITK-GSDMA document of proposed draft provisions (http://www.iitk.ac.in/nicee/IITK-GSDMA/EQ11.pdf)


Some of the major changes and additions in this version are as follows: -


Title of the Code IS 19320: 2016 includes the word “Ductile Design” in addition to “Ductile Detailing”.


New requirements have been included for gravity-only columns (i.e., columns which are not part of lateral load resisting frame)


Column-to-beam strength ratio provisions have been added in keeping with the strong column–weak beam design philosophy for moment resisting frames.


Shear design of beam-column joints has been added.


Design of slender RC structural walls is improved. The principle of superposition is dropped for estimating the design moment of resistance of structural walls with boundary elements and a new alternative procedure is mentioned.


The detail of anchorage of longitudinal beam bars at exterior beam-column joint has been revised.


Clauses giving details about mechanical couplers, welded splices in beam, column and shear wall have been added.


The minimum diameter of a link has been changed.


A limit is set for the factored axial compressive stress consisting of all load combinations related to seismic loads.


The minimum dimension of a column has been modified.


The expression for area of cross section for the bars forming circular and rectangular links or spiral has been modified.


Expression for calculating special confining reinforcement in boundary element in shear wall is added.


A figure showing diagonal reinforcement in spandrel beam of coupled shear wall has been added.